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Black Patches on skin symptoms

What Causes Dark Spots on the Face?

Dull spots appear to be exceptionally plain as day - they are hazier than the remainder of your skin - however, the reason and treatment can differ. For example, pimples that leave behind a deep acne scar (aka post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) are a common cause, but injury, hormones, and sun exposure can all leave your skin with discoloration that can go away on its own. Or cannot be far away.

How Can You Get Rid Of Black Spots fast?

Luckily for you, we have received some treatments. This is the part where I remind you that the first step to get rid of black spots is to see a dermatologist who can identify what type of discoloration you are dealing with. Find out and determine the best. Treatment options for your skin. The reason for the dim spot is a truly significant thought

Glycolic Acid

Wash your face with a scrub (sorry, but scrubs are usually very aggressive on skin that suffers from dark spots and hyperpigmentation), and instead get yourself a chemical exfoliant/acid. The doctor suggests that there is a chemically glycolic acid for Black Spots, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that helps dissolve and shed "glu" between dead, depressed skin cells, allowing you to surround Can do the cleaning. Can, leaves with a dazzling glow. if you are searching for a skin specialist in Delhi

Also, chemically leaving the surface-level dead cells, your skin will be better able to apply any spot treatment or brightening serum afterward, which helps make them more effective.

Salicylic Acid

Another type of chemical exclusion is called beta hydroxy acid, which you might know as salicylic acid. As a general rule, acne-causing dark spots benefit from using a chemical exfoliator with salicylic acid as it not only helps in redness and irritation but also in cleansing excess oil from your pores.

Helps Also helps. Does. Also helps. Basically, a cure And not only is slowly released salicylic acid, but it helps to Stimulate the formation of new skin cells so that dark spots can occur.


Papaya is a natural exfoliant used for anti-aging and dry skin by removing the upper layers of skin cells and the production of new cells. In a bowl, mix the mashed ripe papaya and apply a mask to cleanse the skin.

Once the pulp dries on the skin and wash it with water and pat it in a circular motion and dry it on the skin. Papaya is one of the most versatile fruits suitable for all skin types that will give your skin a natural glow.


For ages, Indians have used turmeric in its entirety, as it has many healing properties ranging from reducing inflammation to treating digestive problems. It is no surprise that the benefits of turmeric also spread to the area of skincare and specifically to prevent dark spots.

In a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of turmeric, 1 tablespoon of honey, and a few drops of lemon juice to speed up the process. 15-20 minutes and apply the mask appropriately.


The loss of the photo is due to more exposure to the sun's rays that create those black spots on your skin. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which has many health benefits (including having natural sunscreen!).

Gently apply a small amount of pulp on your skin and massage your skin in a circular motion just before leaving home. To speed up the process of lightening the spots, mix a few drops of lemon juice with chopped tomatoes in a bowl. Are You Looking For The Best Skin Doctor In Dwarka?

How to Remove Dark Spots From Face

Dark spots can aggravate and diminish your resolve however not with simple home cures

Not everyone gets it, but those who do so have dark spots anywhere on their face, neck, hands, or body, which can be very frustrating to deal with. While makeup goes a long way to temporarily hide them, it is after all a temporary solution.

There are two main causes of dark spots; Scars or hyperpigmentation due to exposure to excessive sunlight. Skin types with greater melanin content have darker spots than other skin types due to their ability to trap strong sun rays.

Acne scorching, waxing, and overdose also cause dark spots on your flawless skin. Vitamins C and E are two important ingredients that help in skin repair to give you a holistic approach to beautiful skin.

Clinical medicines and makeup are cruel and costly on the skin; Fortunately, you need a few fixings from your kitchen! These overnight home remedies reduce the appearance of dark spots to give you glowing skin.

What is Melasma?

There are many possible causes of skin hyperpigmentation, some of which can be quite severe. As a precaution, it is best to consult a dermatologist if you notice any skin discoloration early to avoid pre-cancerous changes and skin cancer.

One of the more common forms of hyperpigmentation, however, is melasma, which is characterized by unsightly black spots on the area above the face, forehead, cheeks, and upper lip. These spots usually appear in the same shape and pattern on both sides of the face and can range from tan to dark brown to black.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water can work wonders on your skin. It helps in purifying the body by eliminating all the toxins. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily will be the best and Natural way to develop clean, smooth, and glowing skin.

Water helps to flush out all the toxins and waste from your body. However, try to avoid drinking alcohol, carbonated and sugary drinks. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet that are high in water. Also, to improve the appearance of your skin, wash your face at least 2 times a day to remove dust and dirt from your face. Best Skin Doctor In Dwarka.

Lemon Juice And Yogurt Face Mask

We all know that lemon has many benefits. It may very well be utilized to dispose of dark spots Vitamin C and citric acid present in lemon make it a perfect bleaching agent that can help lighten dark spots. This is the most reliable and centuries-old practice, which has led to adverse results.

The bleaching property of lemon and the cleansing property of yogurt are a great combination to lighten dark spots and add glow to the face. Sugar has exfoliating properties and can be used as a scrub to remove dead skin on the face. This gives a refreshed look.


Buttermilk is wealthy in lactic corrosive which helps eliminate dead skin from your face and helps your dull spots. Apply the buttermilk directly to the dark places with a cotton swab and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your face with clean water and see the result.


Whether or not you have acne-like skin, women with all skin types wake up with uninvited guests (striking) once in a while. This acne or breakouts almost always leave dark spots on the face.

Although they fade away over time, it is not advisable to touch or take your pimples to avoid black spots. Apply night creams religiously as they help fade wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. Break the habit of touching your face frequently as it is one of the leading causes of acne and breakouts on the skin.


How to Treat Black Spots on Face Naturally

Even if the dark spots look stubborn, they can be treated at home. With the help of some natural ingredients, you just need to use them continuously and remove the spots. Here are some of the best natural remedies for black spots at home.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera is a superhero of natural ingredients, working with vitamins A, B, C, and E. It naturally improves skin texture and discoloration. It also has anti-aging and skin nourishing properties that help in removing and removing dark spots on the face.

disinfectant properties likewise eliminate germs and microorganisms and forestall the event of skin inflammation and pimples. Applying new or privately procured aloe gel reliably can accomplish something astounding for each skin type as it leaves your skin feeling sensitive and smooth.

the premise can do something amazing for each skin type as it leaves your skin feeling delicate and smooth.. basis can work wonders for every skin type as it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.


High in zinc, chickpeas are known to cure acne-causing infections and black spots on the face. Its detoxifying properties are right staining just as it improves skin surface with customary use.

Due to its great combination of minerals and nutrients, chickpeas also have the power to heal damaged skin cells. You can use 4 tablespoons of crushed chickpeas with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and use it as a face mask.

Apply to face evenly, focus on spots and rinse off after 15-20 minutes. This face pack will also control excess oil, which will help erase black spots.

Potato juice

Potato is enriched with an enzyme called catecholase, a popular skin bleaching agent found in various foods. Potato juice is particularly good at treating dark spots on exposure to the sun and some superficial freckles and melasma stains.

To use it, mix equal parts of potato juice with yogurt or lemon juice to make a face-brightening mask. Keep for about 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. The acidity of this mask will help lighten the dark spots after continuous use.


Nectar is a notable kitchen fixing that can assist manage an assortment of skin issues. It is moisturizing in nature, which means that its use on your skin will not strip natural oils and make it dry. When it comes to dealing with dark spots, honey can also help.

It is known to flush out dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and reveal clearer and brighter skin on the underside. To utilize it for dark spots, rub crude nectar on your pain points. Keep for about 10 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.